About the model

I:DNA is an internal and external way to see the world. Prompted by the formation of a question that leads into a process of exploring, opening, leaving old patterns behind, discovering, naming and more. I:DNA Model is an universally applicable model designed to bring self knowledge and through this the possibility to create profound collaborations. It can be used for personal development, a project or organisation wishing to find clarity. The width of application means you can connect all levels of a community which is important from a sustainability point of view. The end result helps these people in meeting each others mutual needs and is a practical long term approach to community building. More aware individuals can mean more to their community and environment.

Practical outcomes of the model are:

  • List of wishes and defined needs
  • Knowledge about goals and how to take these forward into the next step of realization.
  • The modes and wishes for communication, branding, atmosphere of said topic.
  • A number of analytical tests being carried out to test all aspects of the findings from the model.
  • Representation of the building blocks needed for goal fulfillment.
  • Representation of the core lean processes needed for goal fulfillment.
  • List and vision of the tools needed to achieve goals.

History of the Model:

The model first began when Isolde the founder of Iwi was working on an initiative in Overvecht. This initiative needed a lot of research into community building and the practical things people are doing to achieve this. Through many pages of reading it became apparent that the individual and their self knowledge and self expression are key to the same individual being able to function in a community. Without self knowledge you either follow aimlessly or stay in effective to a big degree. Ineffective is more importantly in relation to self. We all have a huge potential if we are proactive to achieve it. Backed up by self knowledge we can express ourselves more fully as human beings. Bringing this all together the first simple community structure model was created as a way to clarify the situation.

With research she found many great and deep going models and constructs for doing just what we had first wished for. There were also found many communication and testing tools to further help this process. Having a lot of experience with some already in the years of teaching and experience coaching groups. The idea changed from a simple community structure model to one that could be universally applicable while delivering intrinsic value to anyone coming through the process. The I:DNA model allows for the culmination of many great tools, everything from N.L.P. to family constellations and business test models like SWOT analysis. The model even allows for the direct creation of many of the components needed for your business plan.

The Model started out with the name synergy which in actuality is exactly what it does. Synergy with self and synergy with your surroundings. Isolde was working together with a partner for an organisation called I:DNA, after 8 months and a  clarity that this organisation was not something for the future we went our separate ways. Isolde was so busy with the model which began as a private project and brought into I:DNA. It seemed a same to simply let the work go to waste. So Isolde has brought the name I:DNA as the name of the model as a project into IWI. Where she and her interns continued to develop it to what it is today. A fully functional model with many test cases at its back. Guides for easy use and a training program for new coaches who would like to use the model.

The ID in the name relates to our identity and external vision. The DNA relating to our foundations, the building blocks that hold us and the processes that are needed to drive the engine.