Become an IDNA coach

The IDNA model is designed to be as easy and all reaching as possible. Its a long term sustainability and community building project of Iwi. It can be applied to any situation where a question can be asked. It Incorporates the strengths of other theories, tests and consult methods to bring about a truly collaborative atmosphere in each crevice of the tool. I:DNA model brings intrinsic self knowledge with the longer versions which facilitate further growth both individual and collaborative. Individuals with a clear sense of what is needed from their question can go out and look for others who can meet these needs. When done well a reciprocal relationship can be born. Community building through practical social and local connecting.

Does this description speak to you? Would you like to train with the model, learn how to take people on a journey of discovery that has both a practical and wish fulfillment application. In the two consult areas of the model there is room to bring the wealth of experience you may already have and if not we can make a tailor made option where you can learn some of these extra tools too.


I:DNA Basic coach training:

  • 2 Day Basic training program to learn the basics of the model, try it out yourself and take others in your group through the various steps.
  • Coursework including 20 test case studies using maximum 3 extra tools of your choice. This must include 5 organisations, 5 projects or initiatives and 5 individual studies. Three to be carried out with an I:DNA trainer observing.
  • Submit an analysis of the model, the experience of doing the test cases and a description of the outcomes of the test cases (what was the impact).
  • Presentation of the analysis and one of your test cases.

I:DNA further training:

  • I:DNA Model – The long version: Learn about the long version of the model which asks much more of the consultant while delivering a profound answer to a clients question. The long Model gives more time to the consult parts of the model and the checks which are good for making sure the path taken in the consult is a good one.
  • TOOL discovery day workshops: In the Basic training you will get a taste of different tools that can be used in the consult parts of the model to achieve specific outcomes with your client. We might choose tools based on our affinity with them, how well they meet the clients needs and a whole range of other reasons. Tool discovery workshops give you the time to work into one tool and the choice of which tools speak to you as a consult. We will bring in specialists in the appropriate field for this who can take you into the depth of the tool, explain its innermost workings and facilitate you to bring this to a client.
  • Advanced I:DNA training (coming soon)

What you will get from the training:

  • The ability to take people of a journey of self discovery where they come out with practical tools to realize their wishes and goals.
  • You will learn about the difference between wishes and needs, and the application of this in creating core building blocks, how to make lean processes and establish other tools necessary for reaching their end goals.
  • You will learn about 6 basic tools that can be used in consultations. You can take these to the next level with one of our in dept courses, that give you time to really get a feel of the a tool you are attracted to.

Would you like to receive more information about the course? Contact us with your questions and interest.