Are you searching for a practical approach to your problem or question? Is there a pattern or barrier you keep coming up against when looking for solutions? Then consider a consultation and the application of the I:DNA model of thinking to your situation. Be it personal or related to a project or business. The model has a universal application and the depth we can go depends on your dedication and the amount of sessions we have together. 

A consult of an hour will give you the basic understanding of the I:DNA model as a tool you can use yourself when ready. We will sketch a basic idea of your situation and the question you are asking. With more sessions we will go into your question at greater depth, explore your intrinsic goals with analysis and practical tools for taking the next steps to goal fulfillment. Its important to see this as a hands on coaching session that you steer with our support. 

We are still in the testing phase of this model and will add price information shortly.